Our History

Brief Historical Note of the House:

In April 2000, the Bombay Salesian Society signed an agreement with CIDCO, for a plot of land admeasuring 10,017 sq. meters, for a proposed Composite School in English and Marathi, at the upcoming Nerul Node of Navi Mumbai. It was only in 2005 that the Salesians took up the project in earnest and began putting up the school building at Nerul, New Bombay. Fr. Boniface D'Souza was appointed to start the school in June 2006, and to get the necessary permissions from the CBSC Boards and the other requirements from several Civil Organizations, in collaboration with the Economer's office.

The first batch of 245 students commenced their studies in earnest. We began with the Preparatory, K.G., Class I and Std. V classes and gradually progressed over the years. There was a retired Headmistress, Mrs. Sylvia Coutinho, who assisted Fr. Boniface in drawing up the curriculum of studies and supervising the activities of the nascent school.

Last year (2012 - 2013) the scholastic year began with the introduction of Std. XI. To date we have four divisions each of classes I and II, three divisions each in classes III to VI, two divisions for Std. VII, one division from Std. VIII - X, two divisions for class XI Science and one division for class XI Commerce, with a fully fledged Staff, Staff rooms, Library, Games rooms, Laboratory, Drawing room, Computer laboratory etc.

We thank the Provincials and their Councils for the keen interest and financial backing in this project, together with the numerous permissions granted to see that the school had the necessary infrastructure and requirements by the CBSE Board in New Delhi. We have secured the Affiliation of the school to the CBSE Board.

We basically cater to the Middle Class of the neighbourhood, with a sampling of the poorer and disadvantaged of society.

The Educative Community:

The P.T.A. (Parent Teachers' Association) forms an integral part of the school. The P.T.A. came into existence in the last scholastic year. This year we had fresh elections and appointments after interviewing the candidates. Their suggestions in updating the curriculum of studies, discipline, teacher - parent relationship and activities to be conducted in school are valuable and are incorporated in our planning sessions in course of the year. Some have volunteered to be on the Committee to collect funds for the completion of the School project. We formed the Parent Teachers' Association through a process of elections in the classroom, where the parents elected three representatives and then through a process of personal interview of these candidates, and discussions with the class teachers, the management selected one as the PTA member and the other two as assistants to this representative.

Involvement in the Neighbourhood:

Fr. Bonnie Borges runs the Evening Guided Study for the children of the village who go to the nearby Government - run school. There are about 80 students on roll of which about 50 - 60 girls and boys come regularly. Fr. Bonnie himself conducts classes assisted by a paid teacher and a volunteer. Games, dance lessons, yoga are offered these students besides the facility for guided study. In a couple of months we will also offer them the facility of computer education.